Our combined experience of more than 130 years with STAHL Crane Systems and other quality brands that has enabled us to manufacture the following high-quality products in house in Saudi Arabia in EMC’s advanced high-tech facilities with no compromises to the quality & safety standards. Our team can technically assist the consulting engineers during design stage to decide on the key parameters of the production layouts and building in terms of material handling and flow of goods. The selection of the correct material handling equipments can provide a substantial cost saving to your operations and initial project costs.


Electric Overhead Traveling Single & Double girder design Cranes


Goliath & Semi Goliath Cranes


Pillar or Wall mounted, up to 360 degree slewing


Electric wire rope, Electric Chain hoists , Manual Chain Hoists


Explosion Proof Hazardous Cranes and Hoists

Full Products List

Standard Cranes

  • Single Girder Overhead Crane
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane
  • Underslung Crane
  • Gantry Crane [Goliath Crane]
  • Semi Gantry Crane [ Semi Goliath Crane]
  • Manual & Motorised Mobile Gantry cranes
  • Light cranes systems
  • Straight and Curved Monorail Systems
  • Free standing Pillar Jib Cranes
  • Column mounted wall Jib Cranes
  • Wall Travelling Jib Crane

Special Purpose cranes

  • Precast Cranes
  • Paper Mill Cranes
  • Steel Mill Cast cranes
  • Twin Hoist Tandem Operated Cranes
  • Rebar Handling Cranes
  • Billet Metal Handling Cranes
  • Scrap handling Cranes with Crab Bucket
  • Magnetic Attachments Cranes
  • Ramshorn Hook Cranes
  • Turbine Hall Cranes
  • Sea water Intake Cranes
  • Aluminium Smelter cranes
  • Storage Yard cranes
  • Process and Heavy cranes

Hazardous and Non Corrosive cranes

  • Explosion Proof Cranes , Wire Rope Hoists and Chain Hoists
  • Marine Offshore Cranes
  • Offboard lifting cranes
  • Mining & Flour mill cranes 


  • Single Reeving Near True Vertical Wire Rope Hoists
  • Double reeving True Vertical Wire Rope Hoists
  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • Manual Chain Hoists
  • Pneumatic Hoists


  • Lifting Beams
  • Special Purpose Motorises Hooks
  • Under hook special attachments 
  • C-Track Festoon Cabling Systems
  • Down shop Lead Busbar systems
  • Cable Reeling Drums – Spring Operated and Motorised
  • Crane Kits
  • End Carriages and Drives
  • Motor controller Inverters and controlled cabins
  • Wire ropes , chains , Slings
  • Radio remote controls – Joystick and Hand transmitter
  • Wind Anemometer
  • Anti collision devises
  • Drag Cable Chain Systems
  • Power conductor systems, Flat cable Festoon Systems and Cable reels
  • Radio remote Control Systems
  • Variable Frequency Drives and Motors
  • crane rail systems
  • Lifting magnets for Customized handling and Grabs
  • Motorised Transfer cars and trolleys