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Being a manufacturer of overhead cranes and hoists, there is no one more suited to carry out your preventive maintenance and load testing than us.

Eastern Morris Cranes has the largest crane maintenance service team in the Kingdom with more than 50 employees in 4 service centers across all major cities. Being a manufacturer of EOT cranes, we can supply your spare part requirements for all major crane brands.



Skilled Inspector performs multi point visual inspection. Detailed reports are prepared with estimates & quotation.



Providing consultation based on reports. Expert technicians repair the cranes based on customer requirements and priorities.



Yearly load testing and preventive maintenance is carried out through strict certification process



Follow up procedures and Maintenance Advantage Program (MAP) ensures maximum reliability of cranes

Regular crane maintenance conducted by the experts at EMC offers companies a valuable return on investment as it prevents catastrophic incidents that may result in loss of life, injury and property damage, as well as expensive downtime in production.

EMC offers scheduled crane maintenance programs customized to meet your company’s specific requirements and to comply with state or local regulations.

Service Specialities:

  • Conversions to Radio Control
  • Upgrading cranes from DC to AC
  • Conversions to Invertor Control to increase efficiency
  • Increase crane lifting capacities
  • Semi and fully automated control systems
  • Powered slewing systems
  • Refurbishment of winch drums and wheels



We are providing the following services for overhead cranes and other lifting equipments:

  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance of all types of overhead cranes of various makes
  • Refurbishment and modernization of existing cranes
  • Installation of overhead crane
  • Load testing/proof load testing, and certification
  • Handle emergency repair/breakdown jobs


Special Services Offered:

  • Conversion of pendant control to remote control
  • Conversion to inverter control to increase efficiency
  • Modification of EOT cranes to increase crane lifting capacities
  • Semi and fully automated control systems
  • Refurbishment of winch drums and wheels


EMC’s Maintenance Advantage Programme (MAP)

Although productivity improvements without capital invest-ments may seem unlikely, in practice and experience through our MAP, we have proven it works.


Preventive Maintenance

An active Preventive Maintenance Program is crucial to reducing crane downtime and increasing reliability. We create a pro-active customized maintenance plan based on the type of equipment, application and duty cycle. Needed repairs are planned around your production schedule thus avoiding downtime and costly emergency repairs. Improvement recommendations are provided and discussed at every step. We are committed to complete life cycle care and to reducing your total cost of ownership.

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Prevent accidents and maintain safe operations
  • Avoid interruptions in production
  • Extend the life of cranes and ensure that they operate at peak efficiency throughout their service
  • Identify potential problems before they become more costly to address
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Enable maintenance to be scheduled during planned downtimes
  • Reduce downtime by allowing maintenance to be completed during scheduled downtimes
  • Give in-house maintenance personnel time to focus attention on other production machinery


Emergency Call-Out Services

At Eastern Morris Cranes, we know time means money. That’s why our number one priority is to keep you in production. In most cases, we can be on site within a couple hours in order to get you back-up and running with the minimum of delay. Any time, any day, when your crane or hoist goes down, call Eastern Morris Cranes. We’ll get the job done.

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Maintenance for all types of EOT Cranes

When you have a breakdown our service engineers are available 24-hours a day to get your critical lifting equipment running again.


Service and Inspection Contracts

We offer a number of different services and inspection programmes so that you can choose the one most appropriate for you, your plant and equipment.


Installation, Testing and Certification

Every new crane needs to be proof load tested and certified following installation. Our skilled service engineers efficiently install, test and certify your equipment, giving you the confidence that your equipment will be available at the earliest opportunity.


Refurbishment and Modernization

Through refurbishment or modernization you can return your equipment to new specifications, or incorporate the latest technology to increase its efficiency and extend its life.


Full Design and Consultation Service

Whether you require a single hoist unit or a complete unique system, our qualified and experienced project engineers can provide new systems satisfying all of your needs. We also provide ongoing advice to guide you as your requirements evolve.